Renewable Energy


In 2011 the Czech republic had a total installed renewable capacity (biomass+geothermal+hydroelectricity+solar+wind) of 4,178 megawatts. Over the previous 5 years, the total installed renewable energy capacity has increased by 2,591 MW (21,36%) on a 5 year compound growth basis. Globally, the Czech Republic renewable energy market ranks number 39 for total installed renewable capacity. 

The total potential for renewable electricity generation in the Czech Republic not including solar electricity import is given with:

  • Hydro:  The capacity of hydro power stations represents more than 17 % of the total installed generation capacity, with a further potential for 4.0 TWh/year
  • Bio:  - The Czech Republic has followed EU directives and developed a national Biomass Action Plan. This estimates a market potential of 20.0 TWh/year
  • Wind: Total production in 2011 amounted to 397 GWh which covered the energy used in approximately 113,000 households. Total wind power installed in the Czech Republic is 217 MW.  
  • PV: The Czech Republic has over 1.6 GW of newly installed PV capacity       

Comparing the expected future electricity demand with the economic renewable energy potentials in 2050 shows the following results:

  • Total Demand = 51.7 TWh/year
  • Total Economic Renewable Potential = 29.9 TWh/year
  • Potential coverage = 58 %