Project Management

Alpha has supported more than 30 major investments by foreign companies in Central Europe.  These projects have covered manufacturing facilities, sales and distribution centres, research and service centres and repair centres.  Clients have come from the UK, USA, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria.

The benefits of using Alpha’s services are clear.  Overall project costs and timescales are minimised as is project risk. The Alpha experience is progressively handed over to Client staff, foreign and local.  Project ‘blind alleys’ are avoided and proper legal and commercial processes are followed smoothly and without fuss.

Alpha is able to offer a monthly fee for the complete package except for staff and worker recruitment (fixed fee per person recruited) and grants (success fee when grant is received by Client).

Alpha has a unique process for supporting clients from ‘business idea’ to ‘post implementation’. Normally a package deal is agreed between the Client and Alpha although, of course, some elements can be eliminated from the process as the Client wishes.  Simplistically, the process of industrial project management consists of:

  • Consulting - the feasibility study, business plan, programme and expenditure control
  • Scheduling, project task coordination and progress reporting
  • Setting up a local legal entity
  • Optimum location selection
  • Negotiating site purchase or lease terms
  • Facility energy management system
  • Recruiting Top Team executives and workforce
  • Arranging equipment transfer and installation
  • Supply chain transfer and local procurement
  • Operating licences
  • Bookkeeping and payroll 
  • Controlling project execution
  • FDI Grants and incentives