Inward Investment

Inward Investment


At the heart of Alpha’s business in Central Europe lies services for foreign investors wishing to take advantage of the benefits of manufacturing in, selling to and purchasing from the region.  With labour costs of 1/3 to 1/4 of Western rates, high work ethic and productivity, adjacent to mainland European markets and with transport to home markets readily available, it is no surprise that Central Europe has seen dramatic growth in inward investment in the last decade.

Most businessmen are aware of the investments of great companies such as Siemens, VAG and Microsoft but many may not be familiar with the successes of smaller companies.  These companies usually invest because: 

  • Pressure from customers makes a lower cost manufacturing solution imperative
  • One or more major customers has moved into the region
  • They understand the importance of the existing Western European markets and the potential for sales into Central and Eastern Europe from a low cost base
  • Servicing client needs in Mainland Europe is more effective from Central Europe
  • Highly educated and motivated staff are available for research centres and servicing centres


24.7.2012 Aray Solar

Aray Solar is a leading developer of photovoltaic (PV) power generation projects operating across Europe, mainly in UK, Spain and Czech. more

24.7.2012 Bombardier BT ICE

Bombardier is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from regional aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment. more

24.7.2012 Ecodot

Since 2010, Alpha Management has been cooperating with Ecodot s.r.o. to offer a range of environmental energy consultation services to clients.  more

24.7.2012 JJS Electronics

JJS Electronics (JJS) is a manufacturer of specialist electro-mechanical and electronic equipment for clients in US and Europe. more

24.7.2012 Rompa Group

The Rompa Group is a leading company in the design, development and production of plastic components, packaging, trays and assemblies on three continents. more

24.7.2012 Roscomac

A specialist in high quality precision engineering, using the latest CNC technology for manufacturing, established over 30 years ago. more

24.7.2012 SCS Ltd.

Special Coating Systems has been protecting electronic components and devices with Parylene conformal coatings for nearly 40 years. more

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