24.7.2012 Since 2010, Alpha Management has been cooperating with Ecodot to offer a range of environmental energy consultation services to clients.

Since 2010, Alpha Management has been cooperating with Ecodot s.r.o. to offer a range of environmental energy consultation services to clients. 

Ecodot is helping Companies, Towns and Cities, Private Individuals, Owners of Apartment Buildings to invest in measures to improve the energy efficiency of their Properties. Our policy is at first to carefully study the options and then based on all best information implement the energy saving measures in time and as economically as possible. Where possible we seek to advise on and assist in securing grants for the energy improvements.

Ecodot can assist with the following: 

  1. Action Plans – for towns and cities, for portfolio investors or multi building owner occupiers.
  2. Advice for Cities and Towns considering joining the Covenant of Mayors.
  3. Feasibility Studies
  4. EPC - Advice on Energy Performance Contracting as a potential route to energy savings.
  5. Comparative Analyis - cost benefit analysis of changing heating source – gas, solar thermal panels, ground source heat pump, cogeneration, biomass boilers
  6. Compliance with EU Directive 31/2010/EU  – This governing directive will change the way property owners plan refurbishments and new buildings from 2011.

Key issues of this directive include:

  • All new buildings to consider – decentralized supply of energy from renewables, cogeneration, district heating, heat pumps.
  • All buildings undergoing major renovations to be insulated and consider the use of alternative energy systems.
  • Introduction of Smart Meters
  • From 2020 – all new buildings to be energy neutral
  • From 2018 – all Public Buildings to be energy neutral
  • Compulsory Energy Performance Certificates
  • Audit of Air Conditioning Installations
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies – Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Biomass, Ground Source Heat Pumps

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